The Marrakech Proposal

October 2018,

Vicky Baumann, a (really amazing) wedding photographer asked us if we wanted to be her models for a wedding photography workshop in Marrakech. We immediately said 'YES' ofcourse.

We added a few extra nights, so we could be on holiday in magical Marrakech. On our second day in Marrakech, Vicky and Milan asked me if they could already do a test shoot. Little did I know that they planned a whole proposal. So with the thought of doing a test shoot with a beautiful sunset in the Agafay Desert, we went to this amazing place with Vicky, her husband Babak (who creates beautiful videos) and their assistent Nadine.

Arrived at the Agafay desert, Vicky showed us some places, so we could choose which one we liked most for the shoot. We took some photos when the sun was setting. You can see some examples right here :)

Babak asked us if we could write some vows to each other, so he could record it for the wedding photography video. ( I still believed it was really for a video). Milan began with the vows and they were good and I mean really really good! So at that moment I was stressed out, because mine were not that serious. In the past, Milan gave me 3 pre-engagement rings and told me the next one would be the real one. So when he spoke the last words of his vows ; "and after so many pre- engagement rings and fake wedding shoots, it's time for the real deal". At this moment it hits me. He's going to propose!!

After this sentence he went on one knee. I was so shocked that I first said NO!!! What the hell was he doing?! After some tears and some shaking I finally said YES! You can find some photos from this event by scrolling down. So now we are engaged WOOHOO!

Thank you so much for capturing this moment Vicky, Babak and Nadine