Step 1: Unzip the mobile presets

Step 2: Download the Dropbox app & Lightroom app


Step 3: Transfer the presets into your Dropbox


Step 4: Open the preset photo in your Dropbox


Step 5: Open your phone menu and click 'export'.

Export the photo into Lightroom.


Step 6: Click the 3 dots in the right corner and click creating Preset

Step 7: give it a name, create an album and select: Profile, Light, color, effects and detail.


Step 8: TADAAA DONE! you did it :)

Installation guide for

lightroom cc 2018

Step 1: Open Adobe Lightroom CC 2018


Step 2: Navigate to left sidebar and find “Presets” tab.


Step 3: Click the “+” icon.


Step 4: Select “Import Preset”.


Step 5: Navigate to your downloaded preset files and you're done! :)

preset installation.jpg

Installation guide for desktop (older versions)

Step 1: On a PC, go into Lightroom and click on Edit at the top (next to File), then click on Preferences. 

On a Mac, click on the Lightroom tab (to the left of File), then click on Preferences.

Step 2: There will be a new screen that pulls up and there will be several tabs at the top, click on Presets (the second tab).

Step 3: Click on the box titled, "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" if you are on an older version of Lightroom.  If you are on the most current version of Lightroom Classic CC, click on the "Show All Other Lightroom Presets box".

Step 4: Double click on Lightroom.

Step 5: Next double click on

"Develop Presets Folder".

Step 6: Copy the contents of the

Travel Presets Folder, found in your

download, into the 

“Develop Presets” folder.

Step 7: You're done! If Lightroom

was open when you copied the

Travel Presets, you will have to close it and restart it.

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