What are lightroom presets?

A Lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position all (or some) of the of sliders in Lightroom (they are pre-set, get it?) In other words, you can edit a photo to your liking, and then save that exactly combination of slider positions for future use on another image.

Why are Lightroom presets so useful?

      - First, they save you a lot of time while editing. If you want to give a lot of images the same look, you can apply the              preset on all the images at the same time. This is great for fashion, documentary and wedding photographers.

      - You can apply the same style on your photos. Adjust the presets and you can create your own style, which will look              amazing on social media. Especially on your Instagram feed.

      - Sometimes it's kind of a surprise how the presets make your photos look. When you don't know where to start or how          you want to edit the photo, just adjust some presets so you can find your way on how you want your photo to look                like.

How do I install the mobile presets?
You need to open the downloaded zip file on your computer. From your computer you need to export them to your phone. We use dropbox to do this step. So we drag the .DNG files into our dropbox. The next step is to install the dropbox app and lightroom app on your phone. Log in on dropbox and export the DNG files into lightroom. 

check the installation guide for the step to step guide and video!



How do I install the desktop presets?

Go to this page INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR DESKTOP and scroll down.

I'm new to Lightroom, can I still use your presets?

Yes, our presets are designed especially to help those with little editing knowledge. With just one click you can give your photo a whole new look. 

I think the skin color is too orange, how do I change it?

Go to color and change the saturation of the orange and red colors (on mobile you can find those under "color mix" in the right corner at the "color" tab. Give it less saturation and your skin won't be that orange anymore. If you want to look more tanned, you can slide the luminance to the left side. It will give your skin a darker tone.

What is the difference between the mobile presets and the desktop presets?

The desktop presets are compatible with all image types, but they are primarily designed for RAW images taken on DSLR cameras and cannot be used on a mobile phone. The mobile presets are designed especially for JPEG images (iPhone/smartphone images etc) and are designed to be used as filters for those who want to edit quickly on their phones. The mobile presets do not work on the desktop Lightroom. We designed the ultimate travel collection for those who want to edit professionally on their pc/macbook and edit snapshots with the mobile lightroom app.